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Our Kickstarter for our interactive Visual Novel of E-Depth is in its 2nd week of funding with already 2k earned within its first week!! We've still got a ways to go meet our 4k goal as well as any stretch goals! Be sure to help spread the word and contribute if you want the game as well as all sorts of goodies!

On the bright side the Demo w/ sound (including voice acting) will be out by the end of the coming week! It will give a better feel as to how the completed game will be like with Music, SFX and Voices! Also we'll be holding a contest in the coming weeks to earn a free copy of the game and more by simply sharing about the game!

Edepth angel: Pinocchio's Murder by mayshing

You can check out the Kickstarter as well as the Free demos (for PC and Mac) here

Also Serena Nelson, a well-known name in the Kickstarter and VN community, wrote a great article about our game! She gives a breakdown of the plot as well as hints about how the Demo's flow is. You can give it a read here

Those who follow :iconmayshing: on her main account already know about some of the following announcements:

Inkblazers is shutting down next month so E-Depth Angel and 2Masters are moving to Tapastic. Inkblazers previously was earning us income through our comics but with the closure, we have lost that pay. Why Tapastic: Tapastic gives us the option to earn money as well. HOWEVER: We need 600+ fans between the two series to become eligible for financial support through Tapastic, otherwise we are depending solely on donations and patreon.
For Tapastic you only have to become a fan of/follow just one of the comics to help us (and for you to get updates about the comics) but we appreciate if you follow both if you are a fan of both series. You can sign up either using your email or connect with your FB account.

The comics are still catching up to recent updates so in the meantime you can still read them on our AltabeStudio site.

Moving by mayshing
Speaking of Patreon, we now have a Patreon account. Some of you may be already familiar with it as various artists and comic artists are using it. People can decide what amount they would like to contribute monthly to support our projects as without fan and private support the webcomics will come to an end.

If you don't want to commit to monthly Patreon contributions, you can donate to us directly through paypal:
Altabe Paypal

CD as detective by mayshing

Mystic Shenshu is in a contest on Webtoons to win money!! Mystic Shenshu for the Webtoon Contest!
We however need YOUR support! Simply go onto the site and use your Facebook account to rate the comic (from 1-10 stars) and favorite the chapters as well. We're currently dealing with vote sniping so we need help getting our rating up before January 25 since people are purposely rating other comics down and their favorites biasly up.
Shenshu animatic (flash) by mayshing

:star: Run down:
:bulletred: Inblazers is shutting down February 1st
:bulletorange: E-Depth and 2Masters are moving to Tapastic from IB
:bulletyellow: We need 600+ fans on Tapastic to gain income through the site
:bulletred: "Mystic Shenshu" is in a contest on Webtoon until January 25th (please rank us up)
:bulletorange: We now have a Patreon to be supported through

If we cannot gain enough financial support through private donations on our site or through Patreon or reach 600+ fans on Tapastic to gain income by April, all our series will be put in indefinite hiatus which means, yes sadly they're cancelled/abruptly end.

It hurts to think we have to do this, but Mayshing needs financial support and without the income she can't afford to spend the time to make the comics due to work and finances.

YOU can help by contributing $$$ when you can, simply following the comics on their respective sites and spreading the word about the series.

Your support is appreciate and we hope to have good news in the coming month.
EDIT: Just 2 weeks left for our kickstarter! If you haven't become a financial backer yet this is your last chance! Also keep spreading the word to alert other fans and potential newcomers to the series! We can't succeed without your support!

Also we're offering rewards to fans who do plugs/signal boost our campaign! It's especially nice for those who don't have money to spend but still want in on the action!

Kickstarter Loyal Fan reward is open! by mayshing

That's right!! After over a year of planning we have just launched our kickstarter to make E-Depth Angel into an anime!!

E-Depth Angel Anime is a GO!…

Home site:

Edepth anime poster by mayshing


Edepth anime fight Finished by mayshing (Animation Example)

E-depth T-shirt Design by mayshing (Kickstarter reward Example)

Wise up or leave in pieces by mayshing (Art Example)

We appreciate any financial contribution made to support us as well as simple shout outs/signal boosts of our project. More exposure is much needed!

Angel icon by mayshing :iconsaysplz: Thank you all for sticking with us! Here's to hope we make the goal! E-DA: DingDing Sprite by Guiled-Dragon
You may have heard already: Adobe released their entire Creative Suite 2 for FREE!!!

This includes Photoshop CS 2, Illustrator, etc... So don't miss this chance!!! The PS CS versions are some of the very best programs out there for drawing, used by the pros and professionals in most cases! The entire suite usually costs over 800 USD so don't miss this chance!

Cuz it's :iconletter-fplz: :iconletter-rplz: :iconletter-eplz: :iconletter-eplz:
(And through Adobe so you're not going to get in trouble for a pirated version)

:bulletred::bulletorange:>>On Adobe's website HERE!<<:bulletblue::bulletpurple:

E-DA: DingDing Sprite by Guiled-Dragon:iconsaysplz: Guiled-Dragon (as well as various dA users) has already tried it out and it's legit and fully functional! If you don't have any of these programs, now is the time to get it! CS2 may be old but it works just as great as CS5 though lacking a few things but still excellent to have!

All you need is an Adobe account which is free to set up!

E-DA: Bibop Sprite by Guiled-Dragon :iconsaysplz: This is great, bi!

:star:Bonus FREE art program plugs:

Carapace, FREE perspective setup program…

“a simple program that lets you place vanishing points around an image placeholder to flesh out the shell of your drawing. Shell, carapace… Get it?”

Painttool Sai for MAC…


Cheers by mayshing :iconsaysplz: Hooray for free things that work! Cheers~
That's right! We're currently hosting a contest over on our Facebook page!

All you have to do is help us reach 1000 fans within a month! Regardless of number (We're hoping for 300-500), in the end on Oct 20 whoever has referred the most people to our page is up to win one of THESE fabulous prizes for FREE:

E-DA Merchandise :Contest: by Guiled-Dragon

A couple of these are limited edition meaning if you don't get them now you won't see them again otherwise perhaps one other time!

If this contest goes well we'll see about about releasing other themed contests, including perhaps another "free issue" one. But that depends on how our fans react!

:star:The Rules
*Like our page to show that you're a fan
*Share with friends and family and have them like our page (via Facebook, dA or whatever)
*Have whoever you referred to the page tag you in a comment on our wall. A simple “(Name here) referred me/I’m here for (Name here)!” will do.
---This helps us keep track of points
*Winners must be prepared to submit their shipping info or else forfeit the win.

:star:The Prizes/Placements
:bulletwhite: First place wins one of each of what is shown, with freedom to turn down an item. ***Limited quantity restricts supply to only one of each per person, no duplicates

:bulletpink: Second place wins a wing pin, a pair of wing earrings (choice between stud or dangle) and wing phone charm

:bulletpurple: Third place wins a wing phone charm

We might do a drawing in the end for some random person who likes our page to get a phone charm! So like our page for a chance to win in the drawing!

E-DA: Bibop Sprite by Guiled-Dragon :iconsaysplz:Enter please, bi!

E-Depth Angel Stamp by Guiled-Dragon E-DA: None Shall Rise Stamp by Guiled-Dragon